How to build a 6-7 figure wellness coaching empire
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The 4 Steps every 6,7 & 8 figure business has mastered
Most trainers, practitioners & consultants get stuck in the trap of trading time for money at a very low fee. Underpaid, overworked. We show you how to work less, earn more and get clients 10X results.
How to build a 6 product empire
With an option of 6 different revenue streams, we help you build a lucrative and exciting career!
How to become an authority with influence with no experience
The biggest misconception is people think they need a big following or experience! Your lack of can be your greatest strength!
Meet Your Host
Dave Nelson
Dave is the author of "Living in Flow State" which blends together modern science with spirituality to create a peak state (or flow) in all areas of life. Dave started out at a fitness trainer, cover model and wrote for many of the largest fitness publications on the planet on everything from exercise through to nutrition. He then moved into the spirituality and peak performance space, blending zen practices with modern science where he launched The Flow St8 Method, which is bringing together zen practices such as breath work, yoga and visualisation with cutting edge fitness training, sports conditioning and functional training.
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